I provide legal translations of all kinds to lawyers, companies and language service providers. I translate from English and French into German.
I translate the following documents, among others:

  • Contracts/agreements
    Employment contracts, rental contracts, purchasing contracts, power of attorney, confidentiality agreements, data protection statements, general terms and conditions, supply contracts, clinical study contracts
  • Trial documents
    Penalty orders, statements of claim, statements of defence, court decisions, judgments, opinions, legal briefs
  • Corporate documents
    Certificates of incorporation, articles of partnership, articles of a company, excerpts from the commercial register

Use of state-of-the-art software

Your time is precious. That’s why I work as efficiently as possible and use professional computer-assisted translation tools. These are not machine translation tools, but rather translation storage systems that help the translator to ensure consistent use of terminology and make use of repetitions. This allows my customers to enjoy benefits such as increased quality and reduced time.

Dual control

My customers are very quality conscious. This is why each of my translations is thoroughly reviewed and the terminology is examined in a second job step. I also offer an editing service provided by a second specialist translator upon request. In addition to this, I use specific tools for spelling, grammar and number checks as well.

File formats

Ideally, you can provide the texts to be translated as writable files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). However, if you only have a document in paper format or as a PDF file, I can convert your scan or PDF file into a Word file using OCR software. The conversion process usually requires some post-processing of the file; however, this is worthwhile, as it is the only way to apply the translation software that enhances quality.